The General


General Federico Irrigua II
Born in Lima, Peru -> machu-picchu-un-heritage-site-peru.jpg
I was born into a working class family in a small neighborhood bordering the east wall of Lima.
My father (Federico Irrigua) was a potter, who did not make enough money to provide for the family.
My mother (Ximena Irrigua)sold textiles at the local east wall market to help provide for the family.
I helped sell my parents wares so we could bring in income. When i was 11 i traded one of the textiles for a spanish/french
translation book. I read the book several times, and after mastering it, i was proficient in French. I have kept the book in my possession ever since, because
To bring in extra income, i would give french lessons to locals and shipping merchants who were going overseas into europe.
I had three siblings, all now deceased. My first brother, Diego, died three days after he was born.
My sister, Ofelia, died when she was 7 years old, of influenza. My second brother, also named Diego, died in childbirth. I had a good relationship with my mother. I was always called a mama's boy by my peers.
When i was 15, one of my classmates called me a mama's boy in front of a potential lover, so i struck him, breaking his nose. My father sent me to military correctional school, where i began my journey toward becoming a general. I excelled in all academic tests, and showed great prowess in the leadership arena, winning all tactical exercises i participated in. I was commissioned into the military as a Lieutenant, and after 7 years of combat, i rose through the ranks to General.


Antonio: He is my loyal servant, protector, and therapist. I met Antonio while at the military academy, the year i graduated. He was a simple recruit, with no experience, and no friends. He was weak. One night i was out at a restaurant eating with my good friend Lt. Col Sangriosa, when we saw a group of soldiers in a tussle. A fight broke out, and we saw a young scrawny man rise from the flurry and beat down the other men. This man was Antonio. After that day, I kept tabs on him, and when it was time for him to graduate, I reccomended him to be my personal assistant. Since then, Antonio and I go everywhere together. He is a good soldier.

Lucette: She is the love of my life. She is the most delicate, beautiful, sumptuous woman I have ever seen. She is far better than any of the women in Spain, because she has a certain distinguished class that sets her apart. I will slay any other man on this earth in order to attain Lucette.

Bodegue: Bodegue is a great man. He is stunted, and has the qualities of a little boy, but I see the potential for a beautiful friendship in that little man. He has a certain strange quality about him that tantalizes my palate for human character. I one day hope that Bodegue will sing at my wedding with Lucette.

Poussin: He is my arch nemesis. There is nothing more i would like more than to destroy him. He repeatedly slanders me behind my back, and attempts to undermine my authority by stealing my woman. I will kill him.


Movement: I lead from feet. I move similarly to a tiger stalking its prey. I move slowly while calm, and slowly while scheming. However, I am capable of intense speed and explosiveness when encountered by a problem or my passion. Great choice. Do animal work on the tiger — a trip to the zoo this weekend would be key!


Voice: Similarly to my movement, I am capable of stalking my prey with my voice. At the outset of my encounters with women, I use a deep sensual tone to subdue them. However, when I express my passion, I am capable of extreme vocal range, similar to the range of emotions my heart experiences. When I am threatened or mad, I am capable of harnessing the tiger within to utilize a roar-like yell to scare my adversaries.

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