My name is Ignace Fontanet. I’m 36 years old, and single. My parents were Francis and Adèle Fontanet both of whom are now dead. They died of natural causes first my dad, then my mom. I had a good relationship with both, though they were not very happy when I started hanging out with the artists. I am the youngest of three brothers. Alain is the oldest, and Gabriel is in the middle. Not being married I do not have any children. I grew up in the 16th arrondissement of Paris with my parents. They sent me to the finest private schools at the time, and then on to University where I majored in Art History. When I was younger I had tonsillitis constantly. I have very little romantic history. I have never had the desire to have a woman controlling my life despite the constant hints from my family. I enjoy my life full of the arts, learning, and friends, and I would not have the time to be as social as I am if I had a wife. I own the smallest of the family farm complex being the youngest brother. Off of the family farms are in rural France, around an hour north of Paris via horse. I live off of the income of from the farm. I visit around once a week, usually on Tuesdays. In addition to the farm I travel for the month of August, and I get back just in time for the opening of the theaters in Paris. I love to read as well as listen to music, and see shows both musical and theatric.
This picture is the best choice. I so wish we could bring the dogs on stage — okay, not really. How can you bring them with you? What item of theirs could you have?
The only thing I can think of is a dog toy. I don't think that would work though. I'll keep thinking
These are my dogs. Bobo is on the left, and Lucy is on the right. They are the equivalent of my children since I don't have any. Other than my parents both of whom have passed, and by brothers, they are the only immediate family I have.

I’m agnostic/atheistic, and I am particularly fond of existentialism, a fairly new philosophy.
The early 20th century saw neo-classical music flourish in France, especially composers like Albert Roussel and Les Six, a group of musicians who gathered around Satie.
Books I enjoy include L'Immoraliste by André Gide, and Alain-Fournier's novel Le Grand Meaulnes.
My favorite theater piece is Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry a very popular play, and playwright of the time.
I would normally be found wearing a jacket, waistcoat, tie or ascot, and pants (pleated, with cuffs). And to a more formal occasion The most formal evening dress remained a dark tail coat and trousers with a dark or light waistcoat. Evening wear was worn with a white bow tie and a shirt with a winged collar. The less formal dinner jacket or tuxedo, which featured a shawl collar with silk or satin facings, now generally had a single button. Dinner jackets were appropriate formal wear when "dressing for dinner" at home or at a men's club.
A own a horse and buggy, as well as have a hired driver
The currency is the franc (1 franc = 0.290322581 g gold)
Some of my favorite artists include Henri Matisse, Les Nabis, and later Les Fauves

He hold himself very high, and/or has a high center of gravity, takes small steps, and leads from the inside of his legs/feet.

Very breathy. Possibly because he breaths from his chest rather than from his diaphragm (though I still will).

For some reason I'm putting on some accent. I'm not even sure what kind of accent, but I'm fairly sure I'm doing it because I'm trying to breath on everyone while I talk, and for some reason my sub-conscious thinks that sounding like a phony Englishman will achieve this. I need to explore more to try and keep the breathyness, but get rid of the accent.
Actually, you are using more formal speech — look at his word choices, they are fairly formal. Also, your focus on keeping breath going in everyone's faces makes all the vowels quite round. Instead of actually getting air out just have you face in close proximity. Do you think he is nearsighted as well? I am not worried about your pronunciation
That does make a lot of sense, and can do as far as being less breathy, and just invading more personal space. I could be, which would give me a reason to get close to everything. If I am nearsighted would squinting be an acceptable repetitive motion, or will that not read?
Squinting won't read but being near sighted will give you a reason to take such a long time getting the paper to the correct page. Being nearsighted will help motivate why you come in so slowly, why you shake hands for so long, why you are always touching people and getting so close to them. Rehearse without your contacts and see how that feels.bold text
Can do!

Bois D'Enghien: Despite his bad first impression I want to be friends with him because of his seeming popularity. Though by the time we reach the second act I've become disgusted with him, mostly based upon the way he handles his relationships with women.

Bouzin: As with D'Enghien I want to become his friend at first because of the lovely gift he has given Lucette (I see the potential for the chivalry I talk about to The General), but after his "disgusting display" talking about the ring i think he gave to Lucette I want to have little to do with him.

The General: I'm very impressed by the General. Though he does seem a bit odd, especially after he pledges to kill D'Enghien, I overall do like him for being a gentleman, and his "chivalry."

Chenneviette: It's not that I dislike him, but he makes an effort to keep his distance which makes me wary of him, but i'm generally fairly neutral. I'd love to learn more about him, or become friends with him, but after a while he makes it clear that he isn't interested.

Firmin and Emile: Both seem to be very good servants. Naturally they don't compare to Gaston, though Emile comes close, but they seem to do their jobs well. Then again, there is that one moment during act two when all hell has broken loose that i catch them fighting over Bouzin attache case which doesn't seem very appropriate.

Antonio: My feelings for him are very similar to my feelings for the general. He seems very gentlemanly, and a foreign, both of which are intriguing.

Lanterny: He's a local notary used by the upper classes, so I am quite familiar with him. I think he stinks so I keep my distance, but he does do his job well.

Lucette: At the beginning of the show I think Lucette is absolutely fabulous she is a wonderful singer and represents all that amazes me about the artist class. However when I reach the end of Act II I'm simply shocked by her actions, and cannot begin understand her motives. After this moment I deeply reconsider my friendship with her.

Madame Duverger: The Duverger family is only friends of my family. She is 5 years older than me, so we weren't close friends when we were younger, but our families were always together, so we became close. We have kept up or family friendship, and I end up spending a good amount of time at the Duverger household, having few friends too keep my company at home.
Vivianne: I have known Viviane her whole life. She is like a niece to me. I care deeply for her well being, and as with Madame Duverger, she is one of the few people I spend a good amount of time with throughout my life.

Nini: I have heard about, and see Nini around in the artists class, and while I remain polite towards her, I'm disgusted by the way she flaunts her recent engagement.

Marceline: I get along with Marceline quite well. Though I'm not conscious of it, I relate well to her seperatedness from the rest of her "family." Now despite this she also seems to avoid me, though she is much more friendly than Cheneviette, so I am very comfortable around her.

Moments Before/After:
Act 1:
Before Scene 3:
I had just gotten out of my carriage, and made my way up to the front door. There I was met by Firmin who took my hat coat and gloves, and escorted me into the sitting room.

After Scene 4/Before Scene 6:
We had all been in the dinning room eating lunch. After finishing we went to go back into the sitting room, but saw Bouzin, and Madam Duverger. Lucette didn't want to be bothered by more guests, and after seeing Bouzin's asinine song we didn't want to have anything to do with him anyway, so we remained in the dinning room until they left.

After Scene 7:
I take my hat coat and gloves again, and leave though the front door. I meet my carriage outside, and ask my driver Gaston to take me home, so I can get ready for the Duverger party.

Act 2:
Before Scene 4:
I arrive at the house of the Duverger's via carraige once again. Thank Gaston, and go up to the front door where I am met by Émile. Émile take my hat, coat, and gloves, announces me, then escorts me into Madame Duverger´s room.

After Scene 6/Before Scene 11:
After being quite frazzled and overwhelmed by having to cover up for Bois de'Enghien once we all leave I head to the library where I attempt to mingle with the other guests, and get a drink. After being left by all of the fellow guests I decide to head back into Madame Duverger's bedroom to see what I going on. Writing out the story of this ten minute period of time will help you immensely. You are still approaching his need to be included/wanted/liked too generally. You haven't yet explored what it would be like if everyone you knew met you politely and as soon as possible got away from you. Write out what actually happens downstairs. I think you will begin to see why those who are kind to you are so important to you and why you are so good to them. i think it will also explain why you are so anxious to please Bois D'Eghien, the General, Cheneiviette, etc.
After Scene 13:
After being assaulted by the General I once again have become overwhelmed and leave to get one last drink before I leave the party feeling that I have caused enough ruckus for the night.

On the mornings I'm living in Paris I wake up get out of bed and go into the wash room. There I shower, shave and put on some cologne. I put on a fresh set of undergarments, my corset, and clean shirt, pants, waistcoat, necktie, socks, and shoes. I go downstairs and have breakfast at the same time as Lucy and Bobo which has been served by Gaspard my Valet. From there Gaspard brings me my coat and bowler and I take Lucy and Bobo for a morning walk around the block greeting all of my neighbors I see on the way. When I get back to the house it is roughly 9 o'clock. I'll go inside and spend a few hours around the house either reading (the newspaper or my latest book), playing with Lucy and Bobo, or setting in order some business for the farm. By the time I'm done with this it is time for lunch. Usually I enjoy lunch with a friend, or more, or acquaintance of some sort. Often it is at the Duverge's, and recently more and more it is with Lucette or another member(s) of the artist's class. On occasion this is followed by a matinee performance of the latest show with my friend(s). If not I'll spend my time about town visiting a museum or the symphony, but there is also a good chance I will return home earlier in the afternoon to catch up on my reading. If I do spend the afternoon in the city, when returning home it is approaching dinner time assuming I'm eating at home I'll take a bit more down time reading or what not before Lucy, Bobo, and I are called for dinner. Often I'll take Lucy and Bobo for their afternoon/evening walk if I feel like it. If not, Gaspard does. Once dinner is called Gaspard serves the meal which will take an hour or two. It is now around 7. Depending on my afternoon's I will often go out and see a show assuming I have not already that day. I usually will meet friends there with whom I will talk or at least for as long as they will talk to me, or I will become acquainted with new people I meet, or some of the performers. When the show is over I go home (all of my travel is done via coach, sometimes Lucy and Bobo even come with me. Not as much in the evening, but sometimes in the afternoon assuming I'm going to be outside). When I get home sometimes I'll have an evening snack, but then I go to bed maybe even reading some before. Nice. What about the family farm business? DO you have no business to attend to each day? It lack historical research. What is like to shave in the morning? What impliments do you use? How do you get water, etc. Find a passage to read about what it was really like to live in 1890.

- Wear gloves on the street, in church & other formal occasions, except when eating or drinking (White or cream colored gloves for evening, gray or other darker colors for day wear)"
-so might Fontanet have gloves with him? He's have them on, but he could play with them. Take them off, put them back on and such?

Most moments that did not work (most of them are mentioned in my notes) were due to people/me not knowing lines, or because we weren't 100% sure what we were doing, and/or we lacked precision. We drilled these scenes and now for the most part we know what we are doing, it now comes down to lines which I, and I'm pretty sure everyone have made sure I/we know for our next run Thursday night.

Notes 10-18-09
Act 1
ho ho ho in Nate's face more
greeting Bouzin
worked all moments
-Articulate More
worked some on voice stuff
Act 2
-remember not to wear hat in Duverger home
mental note made*
-make people react more
I plan on licking people
-work fan kick so i don't kick flowers
worked moment
-use props
I'll use props (especially a glass)
-work choking with Scottie
worked moment

Notes 10-29-09
Act 1
-bring in costumes
-check props
-be louder + articulate
-be further down stage with newspaper so chuck doesn't have to jump over the chair to get to me
-work Bouzin entrance so that the greeting in parallel to the audience
-bonjour. je m'appelle sam mickel avec un M. Je suis tres chouette. J'aime bien danser et chanter. J'aime les chapeaux aussi.
-don't lean over L the first time —> "all she needs is a few breaths of fresh air"

Transforming the Theater

Cane - pick up stage right at the beginning of the show, and put it back there at the end of the show
This particular cane happened to be my fathers. Other than the small farm it was one of the few things I inherited from him.

Glass of water - pick up stage left
from Madame Duverger's kitchen

Newspaper - pick up stage left before the show
Gaston had brought it to me this morning. I read the article about Lucette and decided to bring it along.

monocle - pick up with my costume before the show
I have poor eyesight. I've always been nearsighted, and now I need the monocle to read.

pocket square - pick up with my costume before the show
it's simply fasionable


Brown Checkered coat, white shirt, purple tie - Act 1
Casual, yet fashionable everyday wear.

Tail coat suit, white shirt, purple tie - Act 2
Slightly more formal for an evening party at a close friend's house.

Goals for Saturday Nov 7, 2009 7 PM show
-I want to work on translating my realization of my bad breath —> when I take another mint of my own accord
-be more in the moment in Act I especially than i was last night (I've prepped for this by getting more sleep)

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