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I was born into a wealthy family in France, specifically in a mansion in the countryside. My father came from wealth, but had expanded his wealth through playing the stock market, sometimes too dangerously. I grew up in a family that lived extravagantly, and learned how to do it myself. Money came freely and was thus spent freely. I attended the best schools and performed up to the standards; however, i showed little interest in a specific profession, preferring to spend time with high society. At about 22 years of age, my father and my mother both died in fairly rapid sucession. Upon examination of his economic situation, it was found he was in massive debt. I was forced to sell most all of my property to equalize this, and was left with only one large property in the country, which i lived off of through tenants and interest. Also, it was at school that I met Lucette, who has remained a lover/ friend up until the beginning of the play. I have always had sucess with women. I mainly focused on rich ones, because it helped me live without working. I hate bananas.

Historical Context:

  • France was in the process of emerging as a modern nation. Large economic divide between emerging cultural wealthy class and the rest.

* Nice statement. You all need to work on this together.

Movement and Voice:

  • I move from the bottom of my ribcage, always in motion. never comfortable in one spot, paces like a leopard. I like the leopard choice. Actually do the animal exercise. I will send you the assignment through the First Class Conference.
  • A touch of scratchiness in voice, easily raised and blustery.


  • Lucette and I have been in a relationship for 2-3 years up until the beginning of the play. At the end, we are not on speaking terms.
  • Viviane and I have been in one for a little more than a year, 2 months of which we were engaged. At the end we get married, she falls in love with me. And how do you feel about her?
  • Firmin hates me. Knows I can be a scumbag. Nothing really changes.
  • Marceline doesn't have the courage to talk to me, i don't really care about Marceline.
  • I hate nini. I hate nini.
  • Cheniviette and I don't get along until the play begins, then a subtle friendship starts up. Why
  • Jean is my servant, and treats me like a child. very oronary.
  • The General and I start out very combative, but end up with an understanding
  • Bouzin does not mean much to me, mostly a pawn.
  • Madame Duverger is constantly hitting on me at the beginning, kind of creeps me out. At the end, she is not my biggest fan.

Moment Before: I have just slept with Lucette, and am in her bedroom. You need to do this for each scene, Charles.
Moment After: The marriage is in full swing.
The leopard moves slowly at times, and very delicately, but when excited or startled, it has an uptapped resevoir of speed. It also hates to be frightened, always thinks its in control, a true predator. It helps me remain in my character rather than playing emotion.

Daily Journal: Every day I get up late, because I don't have a job. I usually have a late breakfast/lunch. Sometimes I have creditors to deal with, or I have to try to find a renter for my house. I live in an apartment in the city. Usually I will try to visit Viviane in the late afternoon. I may end up going there for dinner, or maybe go to Lucette if I'm being sneaky.

This Day: I woke up in Lucette's bed. This is awful, I always go home if I end up seeing her. I never stay the night. This whole day is going to hell in a handbasket. I walk out of the room and all of her friends are there, and I'm signing my marriage contract tonight. This is such an important day for my whole future, and i've jeopardized it by sleeping w/ lucette.

Dear Father, I write to you from school. I have just received news of our debt and am incredulous of his validity. How could we have gone from seemingly endless resources to instant bankruptcy? How could you not include me in your affairs? Do you not trust me? I'm leaving school now to return home and see you, to try to help with our financial disaster. Don't bother to write me back, because I will be in transit, but please, be prepared to answer these questions when I arrive. I know that we have never been close, but I want to change that.

Reassessing choices:
My first run through was solid, but I'm still missing some chemistry, i.e my relationships w/ lucette and viviane aren't real, they aren't believable. I need to develop my character more, make him more real in order for the audience to believe that I could be in a relationship w/ either of these people.

1. How would you approach this role differently next time?
could i make him more serious? less goofy?
2. What might you have incorporated earlier on?
character movement
3. What do you wish you had known earlier?
what his voice was like
4. How was your level of commitment?
pretty damm good, i was in my underwear
5. How willing were you to take risk?
6. How well did you do all of the out-of-rehearsal work?
well, I did almost all my journals and worked hard reading the play
7. How complete is your Performance Journal?
could be better
8. How did you grow as an actor?
I learned to take on a big role, not just a comedic one too.

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